“Open and accessible, deep and transparent, and spanning myriad topics, Corlew sheds light not only on her life and the state of adolescence more generally–she makes the theory and terminology of psychology a transformative tool that anyone can use.”

Sarah Hentges, Ph.D., author of Pictures of Girlhood: Modern Female Adolescence on Film and “Othered Girls on Fire: Navigating the Complex Terrain of YA Dystopia’s Female Protagonist”


“There are very few people who, having passed through the ‘sturm und drang’ of a turbulent adolescence and found success and happiness in adulthood, would be willing to immerse themselves in their teenage psyche. They may attempt to empathize with a struggling teen, telling them that, sure it sucks now, but really, one day it will get better. More often, it seems, they just won’t talk about it, preferring to recreate a narrative of their lives that downplays the dark moments or casts those as a chapter in a heroic struggle which they have overcome. And if they ever wrote poetry during their turbid youth, you’d better believe they would not lay it out for the world to see. Dr. Corlew has done something very brave and very powerful here, revisiting the difficult days of her youth with the knowledge of a psychologist and the compassion of an advocate, creating something more than a promise that it will get better – a pathway toward getting there.”

Gina Cardazone, Ph.D., psychologist and researcher on youth, activism, and community development



“In “Finally, a Song from Silence,” Kati Corlew adeptly captures and then tenderly translates the passion and angst of adolescent and young adult inner life. Treating the subject like an archeological dig through her own remembrances, she shows such remarkable compassion for the struggles of her younger self. This compassion radiates out to readers, encouraging a reciprocal response of understanding and respect for this awkward but endearing moment in our development.”

Kristen Gleason, Ph.D., Project Director at DePaul University’s Center for Community Research


“An exploration into the journey of a young person through the struggles of adolescence, to finding her way into adulthood. Grounded in the context of adolescent and young adult development, these poems and short stories echo the experiences of so many youth seeking a way to a new and different world. Those currently traversing the landscape of teenage angst will find a companion in young Kati’s words; those who are able to look back on similar times will find a kinship they may never have known while there; and those with young people in their lives will find a glimpse into the common experiences of the average adolescent (though each may feel anything but average). Moving, mournful, and in the shared experience of aloneness, ultimately hopeful.”

Dr. Kathleen McGeehan, Ph.D., M.S., community and cultural psychologist


“I couldn’t help but identify with the awkward teen poetry and familiar phases represented here. Corlew’s raw sharing of pain, confusion, and navigation through adolescence combined with psychological explanations of absolutely normal developmental stages is a wonderful tool to let us know that, even as adults, we’re not alone in our feelings and fears.”

Cynthia O’Malley, artist, writer, regular therapy seeker



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