Collaborative Grieving Project

This is the Collaborative Grieving Project. You are welcome here.

What is the Collaborative Grieving Project?

The Collaborative Grieving Project is a public online space for people to share creative works about the loved ones they have lost and/or about grief itself. In the Collaborative Grieving Project page(s), you may find stories, poems, prayers, photographs, eulogies, artwork, music, or anything else that helps us to express and experience grief that is simultaneously so intensely personal and universal. Our creative works may be completed and whole, here to be shared with others who may relate. Our creative works may be incomplete, pieces or scraps of creation, here to be shared with others to help them grow.

The Collaborative Grieving Project may grow, or it may be temporary. It may include one work, or many. Like grief itself, it will be what it is.

How can I be a part of the Collaborative Grieving Project?

You’re here, so you’re a part of it now. Browse the shared works. Share your own and I will post them into the site. This project is meant to help us lend strength to each other through our creations, so please help maintain the spirit of strength, growth, and healing through shared experience.

To share your work, please complete the form below, or email attachments to

[This is a community art project and is not meant to replace counseling or crisis services. If you are experiencing an emergency or if your personal safety is at risk because of your grief, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.]

Current Actions:

Call for photos of loved ones: I will be recording a song I wrote about grief called Se Fue. I am collecting images of loved ones who have passed to serve as the backdrop to a youtube video with this song.

Call for musicians: Coming soon. Once I record Se Fue (rhythm guitar and vocals), I’ll post the mp3 and/or Audacity files for anyone who would like to add tracks.



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