Press Release

UMA Psychology Professor Kati Corlew Publishes Book of Poetry

University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Assistant Professor of Psychology Laura Kate “Kati” Corlew recently published a book called, Finally, a Song from Silence (poetry from when I was young).

A selection of writings from before she was a psychologist, a researcher, and a professor, Corlew blends developmental psychology with personal experience to reflect on a time when she was a troubled teen who poured her heart into poetry. The book addresses various topics like identity development, depression and suicide, love and heartbreak, and gender, sex, and sexuality.

This book can be applied as a powerful supplementary text for courses on adolescent and young adult development, or can be used by parents and adults working with at-risk youth, as a means to illustrate and understand the complexity of teenage lives and minds.

With a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Community and Cultural Psychology, the book is a change from Corlew’s many published works in quantitative and qualitative analysis in the American Journal of Community Psychology, The Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health PromotionThe Community Psychologist, the Global Journal of Community PsychologyWeather, Climate and Society, the Review of Disability Studies and Centerings.

Corlew has been a professor at UMA since 2014 teaching psychology classes as part of UMA’s Social Sciences degree program, primarily on the Bangor campus. Prior to her position at UMA, Corlew conducted research on psychological recovery from disasters and on climate change risk perception.

For purchasing information on the book visit Buy the Book.